HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers decrease the moment it requires to complete humidity testing for semiconductors. By raising temperature levels over 100 ° C and raising the pressure, simulation of typical humidity tests can be made while maintaining the same failure systems. Tests can be finished in days, not weeks. Our HAST systems have a contemporary style that’s less complicated to use:

Automatic humidity filling up & door lock systems
A round work area, enabling broader sample boards to be loaded
Convenient, hermetic power-pin system for prejudice testing
We currently offer an “Air HAST” adjustment for faster testing of lead-free solder whisker resistance to humidity.
Internal cylinder as well as door guard safeguard specimens from dew condensation
Interior is round for optimal product loading
Two stainless steel racks
Establish of wheels for easy movement of the chamber (except double units).

What is a HAST test?

Today, normal humidity testing can take countless hours to get considerable outcomes. The high quality of Integrated Circuits (ICs) is such that they are not susceptible to failing during humidity tests. Failings are triggered by wetness vapor penetrating the product packaging of the real silicon circuit. In order to accelerate the penetration of moisture, Highly accelerated stress test methodology was founded.

HAST (Highly Accelerated Cardiovascular test) chambers Security Attributes:.
Overheat & over-pressure guards.
Door lock safety system to stop opening of the door while the chamber is pressurized.
Specimen power control terminal: shuts down the item power in case of an alarm system.

HAST Testing Standards:.

Allthough, time is not the only difference in between the two tests: for instance, the THB testing holds a 85 ° C/85 %R.h. condition, as the examples are subjected to Bias tons. However this has actually ended up being much less appropriate today, due to the brand-new technology used for product packaging and passivation products.

If components are examined with power on, in a lot of cases the test is done with 85% RH. These environmental parameters offer an accelerated method of element reliability testing, that quickly finds faults and also defects that could arise during long-term usage.

There are numerous standards for HAST tests from the IEC, JESD, JIS and also JEITA, all showing various mixes of temperature and also RH, as well as are used for various scenarios. The most usual are:.
IEC 60068-2-66 – Made use of for hermetically sealed compact electronic elements.
IEC 60749-4 – Utilized primarily for semiconductors.
JESD020C– Reflow soldering.
JESD22-A104D– Temperature Cycling testing to cover element and solder affiliation testing.
JESD22-B102E– Tests for accelerated dampness resistance, honest autoclave.
JESD22-A108B– High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) test.
MADE USE OF JESD22-A102C.– Used for accelerated humidity resistance testing of non-hermetically sealed semiconductor-based gadgets.
USED JESD22-A110C.– Utilized for non-hermetically secured semiconductor-based tools, while powered, to assess reliability.
JESD22-A118– Assesses the reliability of unpowered non-hermetically secured semiconductor-based gadgets.
JIS C60068-2-66– For testing compact electronic elements.
JEITA ED-4701/ 100 103 Method– Tests the sturdiness of semiconductors that are stored or utilized within high temperature and also humidity-based atmospheres.

Benefits of Wewon’s HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers:.

One of the most essential elements of HAST testing is the cool-down procedure. If the chamber is cooled to fast, or pressure is launched too soon, there is a risk of condensation or pressure shock on the examples, wrecking the test.

Velocity elements vary depending on the sample, but significant savings can be made. Common decreases of test time to 1/50th of a typical humidity test are normal. Some people are now beginning to attempt combining HAST with various other methods, to increase the outcomes. As an example by using STOP (Highly Accelerated Life Test) approaches of quick temperature cycling and also arbitrary vibration, they intend to aggravate faults partly to ensure that when they do a HAST test, the humidity can pass through far better.

The highly accelerated stress test chamber has been primarily developed to carry out prejudice testing which applies constant voltage and also signals. The common tools includes 2 control modes: [unsaturated control] and [damp saturated control], while the M-type chamber furthermore uses a [wet as well as dry bulb temperature control] mode.

accelerated stress test

A HAST chamber is made use of to do highly accelerated stress tests, or HAST, in test applications that need extreme pressure and also temperatures above 100 ° C. Highly accelerated cardiovascular test chambers permit operators to complete humidity resistance testing in days instead of weeks, an essential attribute for test engineers gauging the environmental resistance of semiconductors and also other electronic components. Leading HAST chamber makers like Espec provide chambers with functions like automatic humidity filing, automated door locks, a streamlined hermetic power-pin system for predisposition tests.

What is Hast Testing?

As the demand for electronic elements, especially semiconductors, continues to proliferate, among the challenges that sector faces, is servicing the moment required to test those components.

Typically, Temperature Humidity-Bias testing (THB) has actually been the remedy. It is a really legitimate one, yet taking 1000 hours to be completed, it stands for today a significant delay for modern-day industrial procedures.

This is where HAST testing, Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test, supplies significant benefits.

Taking in between 96 as well as 100 hours per test, and also in some cases also much less, the HAST test supplies considerable time saving, that can have a wonderful impact on any kind of organisation.

For this reason, the test has swiftly become one of the most dominant of the endurance test techniques for semiconductor gadgets. While primarily gotten in touch with semiconductor testing, HAST testing is used on a selection of both hermetically secured as well as unsealed portable electronic elements, to offer rapid testing results for several scenarios and requirements.

How to Do HAST Test with a Climatic Chamber.

The highly accelerated stress test, also called HAST, is executed with specific testing chambers, established to meet all demands from the test. As pointed out above, these chambers are meant to replace existing THB test chambers, which utilize wet/dry bulb devices to control humidity. The HAST chamber, that manages temperature and humidity, is key to supplying faster results in all conditions.

HAST testing is particularly helpful during item modifications where changes might possibly accelerate steel corrosion, with results being obtainable method quicker than with other services, having then substantial effect on development times. The HAST test is the very best choice for testing any kind of type of moisture driven corrosion.

It likewise supplies total test outcomes of all components based on deterioration, of overall efficiency, including efficiency of sealed plastic parts in a range of conditions, consisting of a vibration test. The HAST method provides the genuine impact test, which provides a review of product performances.


With its flexibility offering a selection of test results in a short time, HAST testing is essential for the contemporary industrial production cycle. The HAST testing procedure permits both unsaturated and saturated testing of parts within the test cycle, for plastic secured components or for others created to be ecologically secured.

Whatever testing standards are used, the capability to have tests completed in days, instead of months, produces brand-new chances for product advancement. By fastening testing procedures, firms have the ability to deliver faster responses to always transforming manufacturing demands, thus boosting performances and user satisfaction.

HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers decrease the time it takes to finish humidity testing for semiconductors. If parts are tested with power on, in most cases the test is carried out with 85% RH. Typical reductions of test time to 1/50th of a standard humidity test are regular. By making use of STOP (Highly Accelerated Life Test) approaches of rapid temperature cycling as well as arbitrary vibration, they really hope to exacerbate faults in components so that when they do a HAST test, the humidity can penetrate far better.